SFU Burnaby Campus: Overview

SFU Burnaby is the main campus of Simon Fraser University, located in Burnaby, British Columbia. The campus is situated on top of Burnaby Mountain, overlooking the city of Vancouver. SFU Burnaby offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as continuing education courses. The campus is home to over 11,000 students, making it the largest of SFU’s three campuses. SFU Burnaby is also home to several research centres and institutes, including the Centre for Dialogue, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, and the Institute for Environmental Learning. In addition to its academic offerings, SFU Burnaby also features many student services and amenities, such as a food bank, library, and recreation centre.

What Does the UBC Library have to offer?

SFU Burnaby is set atop Burnaby Mountain, offering breathtaking views of the Vancouver skyline, Burrard Inlet and the North Shore mountains. The campus is also home to various amenities, including SFU’s world-renowned Centre for Dialogue, the W.A.C. Bennett Library, the SFU Bookstore and more. The campus is easily accessed by public transit and provides a variety of amenities and services for students, staff, and faculty. SFU offers over 100 undergraduate programs and 40 graduate programs, as well as many research opportunities. The campus has state-of-the-art facilities and is home to a number of world-renowned researchers. In addition, the campus offers various services and supports for students, including health and counselling services, financial aid and scholarships, academic advising, and more. The SFU Burnaby campus is an excellent choice for students looking for a comprehensive university experience. The campus is also home to several unique features, including an outdoor amphitheatre, a rainforest garden, and a First Nations Longhouse. SFU’s location atop Burnaby Mountain also allows quick and easy access to various trails and parks, perfect for getting some fresh air and exercise. 

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