SFU Residences: Overview

SFU Residences offers a variety of on-campus housing options to suit the needs of different students. First-year students can live in one of the five towers, which are close to all of the university’s academic and social facilities. If you’re looking for a more private living arrangement, SFU also offers townhouses and apartments. These accommodations are perfect for upper-year students or students with families. All of SFU’s residences are safe and comfortable, and they offer residents access to plenty of great amenities, including laundry facilities, study lounges, and shared kitchen areas. SFU Residences is committed to providing students with a safe and enjoyable place to live and learn.

Residences at SFU

SFU Residences offers a range of housing options for first-year students, with East/West Towers being the most popular among them due to being newly built. On-campus residences provide a safe and supportive environment that is close to all the academic and social amenities of the university. They have a variety of room types available, including single and double rooms, as well as suites and apartments. All of the residences are fully furnished and include all utilities. In addition, residents have access to a wide range of amenities, including laundry facilities, study lounges, and common kitchen areas. The staff is committed to providing an enjoyable and enriching experience for all of the residents and offers a number of programs and services designed to help students succeed. If you are looking for a place to call home during your first year at SFU, residences are the perfect option for you.

Graduate Students

As a graduate student at SFU, you have a few different options when it comes to choosing a place to live. You can choose to live in a student residence, like Hamilton Hall, or you can choose to live off-campus in an apartment or house in the nearby UniverCity neighbourhood. If you choose to live in a student residence, you will have the benefit of being close to campus and having access to all the amenities that the residence offers, like a gym and study rooms. You will also be able to meet other graduate students who are living in residence and make new friends. If you choose to live off-campus, you will have more freedom and flexibility regarding your living situation. You will be able to choose your own roommates and find an apartment or house that is closer to where you work or go to school. You will also save money by living off-campus, as student residences can be expensive. Ultimately, the decision of whether to live in a student residence or off-campus depends on your individual needs and preferences.

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