Best Study Spots at the University of Toronto

As a university student, finding a place to study can sometimes be a tricky game. Too crowded, too quiet, too loud – everyone has their preferences when it comes to hitting the books. Universities, especially those with big campuses like UofT, have an array of study spots to choose from! Check out the video below to find out the best study spots at the University of Toronto – whether you’re looking for a space for quiet study, group projects, or a quick reading break!

Robarts Library

Robarts is one of UofT’s biggest libraries and its focus is on the social sciences and humanities! It is 15 stories high, which makes it perfect for finding a spot to study on any floor! Arguably, Robarts’ best feature is that 3 floors of its space are dedicated to being open 24 hours a day (excluding Fridays and Saturdays). So if you’re a late night studier or need to pull an all-nighter, you can easily get some studying done!

Robarts also includes:

UC Quad

The UC Quad stands for ‘University College Quadrangle’ and is an outdoor green space open for UofT students to study, play, and rest! The UC Quad is surrounded by UofT buildings, benches, and trees. So, it makes a great space to catch up on reading. We suggest grabbing a friend from class, a picnic blanket, and your readings to get out of that library atmosphere and get some fresh air instead – a much more pleasant experience than being confined to a desk

Note: Events sometimes occur in the Quad, so make sure that you check the UofT events schedule so your study plans don’t clash with university events!

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Voodoo Child Cafe

For a short but comprehensive list on the best study spots at the University of Toronto, we had to include a cafe! Voodoo Child Cafe is located on College St., and a 10-12 minute walk from the University of Toronto’s main campus. This cafe is for those who enjoy a social scene rather than a quiet study. It’s perfect for informal meetings or finishing up a group project while grabbing a drink! Voodoo Child Cafe is also an espresso bar, so if you’re feeling low energy while studying, you can refuel with some much needed caffeine!

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