U of T Bursaries

The University of Toronto offers a number of bursaries to help students cover the costs of their education. Bursaries can make a significant difference in making higher education more affordable, and they are an important source of financial aid for many students. Interested in knowing more about U of T bursaries? Keep reading to discover more!

U of T Bursaries Eligibility

The most common type of bursary is the need-based bursary, which is awarded based on financial need. Other types of bursaries include merit-based bursaries, which are awarded based on academic achievement, and community-based bursaries, which are awarded to students who are actively involved in their communities. The amount of each bursary varies, but all bursaries are helpful in offsetting the cost of tuition, books, and other educational expenses.

It is expected that before you apply for a grant, you will have explored all sources of funding such as OSAP or other government assistance programs, family support, savings from summer employment, part-time employment or a bank line of credit. 

To be eligible for a bursary, look at the criteria listed for each bursary on the U of T Financial Aid webpage.

How to Apply to U of T Bursaries?

U of T undergraduate students can apply for the undergraduate grant through the Undergraduate Grant Application Portal

  • Log in to the Undergraduate Grant Application Portal.
  • Select Start New Application to begin your application.
  • Complete all sections of the application.
  • Watch the video under the Help section to view helpful tips for each section of the form.
  • When complete, at the end of the form, select¬†Submit.
  • Once the form is completed, remember to select Submit before the application deadline. If any required fields have been missed, they will be flagged in red.
  • Your Faculty/ Division/ College will review the application and will forward their recommendation or decision to Enrolment Services.

For questions regarding your bursary application, please contact your faculty, college or division for assistance, or Consult the Financial Counselling Directory.

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