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250+ Students Accepted to UBC in 2020

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UBC is Western Canada’s top university, with roughly 40,000 candidates applying each year. It’s top programs have a 6% acceptance rate making it one of Canada’s most prestigious universities.

With so many students that have high grades, the additional Personal Profile is an important opportunity to stand out, gain an advantage, and demonstrate who you are as a student.

Spend less time worrying and second-guessing your decisions.

You can only go so far with grades. The Personal Profile and video interview can make or break your application. Given your other obligations, doing a high-quality job takes time that you don’t have.

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Stand out from the crowd by crafting a powerful application

Most UBC applicants, believe it or not, have startlingly similar backgrounds: exceptional athletes, class presidents, camp directors, and club founders.

We help students construct extracurricular activities that stand out, as well as selecting the elements of their lives—the majority of which they may overlook—to create a genuinely compelling and authentic application.


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The unfortunate truth is that most students never apply and 40-50% of applicants get rejected. Thousands of students miss out on the education they deserve each year. The good news is that we’ve helped over 3,500 students  get into the top schools across Canada just in 2020.

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