UBC Early Admission: Overview

UBC is one of Canada’s leading research universities, attracting top scholars from around the world. UBC Early Admission offers high-achieving students the opportunity to gain admission to UBC before completing their secondary school diploma. Students who receive an early offer of admission are guaranteed a place in their program of choice, as long as they meet UBC’s academic requirements. UBC Early Admission is a great way for students to get a head start on their university education and to have their choice of programs at UBC.

How Does UBC Early Admission Work?

UBC offers an Early Admission Program for exceptional students who meet the following criteria: 

  • Apply by December 1st.
  • Submit any materials that you have completed so far (for example, your PEN number or OUAC number if applicable, or any completed or self-reported grades) by December 10th: BC/Yukon students need to request an electronic transcript be sent to UBC via the BC Ministry of Education’s Student Transcript Service and ensure UBC has their UBC PEN on their application.
  • Ontario students need to submit an OUAC number as part of their application so UBC can receive grades electronically from the Ontario Universities Application Centre.
  • Students from all other provinces need to complete the academic profile section of the UBC online application.
  • Have very competitive grades and personal profile.
  • Meet all the admission requirements.

If you are selected for Early Admission, you will be offered a place at UBC for the following September, provided you continue to meet UBC’s admission requirements and complete your high school studies successfully. UBC will also consider your application for other programs, such as scholarships and bursaries, on an individual basis.

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