UBC Engineering: Overview

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

UBC Engineering envisions a future that is affluent, healthy, inclusive, and equitable. Their trailblazing research is focused on safeguarding the environment, creating vibrant communities, and improving human well-being. UBC Engineering students are the innovators, change-makers, and leaders who exemplify the ethics, design, and technical prowess necessary to bring on the world’s most challenging issues, thanks to top-tier professors and great campus resources.

Are you interested in being one of these innovative students at UBC Engineering? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the UBC Engineering program!

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Why Choose UBC Engineering?

1. They are one of Canada’s top 3 engineering programs!

UBC Engineering fosters an atmosphere that values innovation and entrepreneurship, and their research, resources, and programmes help to improve people’s lives globally.

2. The program helps to solve real-world problems.

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Or improve an element of it? If you want to push yourself to tackle real-world issues, engineering is an excellent option. UBC engineering faculty are renowned for inventing new and practical solutions to complex issues, so you’ll be studying from some of the greatest specialists in their disciplines.

3. They have a range of educational and student life opportunities.

Even before you graduate, you can start making an impact through participating in UBC research initiatives, student groups, extracurricular design teams, and overseas experiences.

4. UBC is recognized as one of the best places for teaching and research in the world.

UBC has been recognized for making a significant contribution to sustainability efforts and research that can benefit our world. So, what could this imply for you? You’ll be instructed by some of the industry’s most innovative thinkers, who are enthusiastic about the beneficial effect of their work and are eager to share their expertise and excitement with you.

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What Can You Expect From UBC Engineering?

Students at UBC Engineering have access to a wealth of learning options. Before choosing one of the programs to specialize in, you must first have a basic knowledge of engineering concepts in first-year. All of these programmes result in a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree. Lectures, cutting-edge laboratory facilities, team-based projects, early design experience, and a co-op option are all used to enhance course material

  • Your first year:

Students who enter the Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering) program straight out of high school will complete a foundational year curriculum that includes chemistry, arithmetic, physics, communications, and beginning engineering courses. It is intended to provide all first-year engineering students with a sound knowledge basis in order to prepare them for a successful and enjoyable professional career while also allowing them to explore the various engineering disciplines open to them.

NOTE: Vantage One is a unique first-year university programme offered by UBC Vantage College for international students. One year of academic degree-focused credits is combined with intense academic English preparation in this course.

  • 2nd-year placement:

Students complete the 2nd-year placement process at the end of year one in order to apply for one of the 14 engineering programmes available, which they will begin in the second year. Students are encouraged to learn more about their choices by attending open houses, reviewing departmental pages, networking with existing students and teachers, and conducting their own research.

  • What Programs Can I Specialize in at UBC Engineering?

There are 14 different programs that you can specialize in at UBC Engineering!

You can explore each of the Undergraduate Programs listed below:

UBC students raise funds to open $5 million engineering student centre

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