UBC Entrance Awards: Overview

UBC offers a range of entrance scholarships and financial aid for students entering their first year of studies. These scholarships are mostly based on academic achievement and are awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence in their studies. They provide financial support to students to help cover the cost of tuition and other university expenses. Want to learn more about the UBC entrance awards? Keep on reading!

UBC Entrance Awards

To recognize your academic and extracurricular accomplishments and to satisfy your financial needs, UBC and the University’s benefactors offer a variety of financial supports.

UBC entrance scholarships are merit-based awards that are generally determined by academic achievement. Other merits, like involvement in the community or sports accomplishments, might also be taken into account. UBC also has fellowships for graduate students, who are awarded funding at the beginning of the academic year primarily on the basis of their academic performance, research aptitude, or research potential.

The Presidential Scholars Award is the most prestigious entrance award offered by UBC. It is awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and who are leaders in their community. There are a limited number of these scholarships available, and they are worth up to $40,000-$80,000!

To be considered for these awards, students must submit a complete application by the specified deadline. For more information about UBC’s entrance scholarships, please visit their website.

UBC Automatic Consideration Awards

There are certain awards at UBC that do not require an application! As an entering UBC student, you can be automatically considered for the following awards upon your admission to the university:

Student Housing Supplement Grant

  • Eligible students can receive additional financial support for their first-year residence experience.

Trek Excellence Scholarship

  • These academic awards are granted to the top continuing students ranked in the top 5% of their year.

Faculty recommended awards

  • These merit-based awards are presented based on strong academic performance and community leadership. Some faculties might require an application, so it is highly recommended to check in with your faculty student services.

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