University of Calgary Continuing Education: Overview

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

Universities provide educational programs and services to students who are not enrolled in regular on-campus study through a variety of activities known as university continuing education.

Non-credit courses, certificate programmes, distance education programmes, customized training, outreach activities, and degree-credit classes in the evenings, off-campus, or during the spring and summer terms are all organized by continuing education units at virtually every major university in North America. Continuing education at universities is a major activity in North America, with hundreds of thousands of students enrolled each year.

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Why Choose UCalgary Continuing Education?

UCalgary offers a wide range of extension seminars, courses, certificates, and diploma programs to individuals and organizations seeking opportunities for professional development and personal enrichment.

You will get to work with faculties across the University of Calgary, and with select external organizations, to develop and deliver continuing education programs to professionals, scholars, artists, and members of the community at large.

This University will offer you high-quality lifelong learning opportunities to help you reach your full human potential in terms of knowledge, skills, self-awareness, and interpersonal understanding. Those who participate in adult and continuing education courses improve their ability to contribute to their families, organizations, and communities!

UCalgary Continuing Education Program Course Highlights

Courses and certificates are offered in several program areas. You can view program areas alphabetically or find courses using the advanced course search.

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Locations Where You Can Study:

The University of Calgary, located in the province of Alberta, has four campuses within the city. It is ranked as one of the world’s top universities and is well-known for its innovation, competitive environment, and beautiful campus!

Admission Requirements

The requirements for your admission will vary depending on which program you chose to take. View your program and its requirements here!

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