University of Calgary Engineering: Overview

Written By Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

University of Calgary engineers are thinkers, creators, and achievers who work to solve society’s most pressing problems. They construct transportation systems, develop communication technology, and develop techniques for cleaning and protecting the water we consume.

Are you prepared to make a positive impact on the world? Do you want to learn more about the University of Calgary Engineering program? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Keep on reading to discover more about what this program has to offer!

University of Calgary Engineering Program highlights!

  • Classes are collaborative and hands-on: Work on engineering design projects in class or in engineering makerspaces to bring your ideas to reality.
  • Get paid work experience: Apply for internships through the Engineering Practicum Program (1st and 2nd year) and Engineering Internship Program (3rd year); Engineering Career Centre advisers will help you find valuable, paid work experience.
  • Engineering internationally: You can study, work, or volunteer all across the world while immersed in cultural and intellectual experiences in this program.
Building a faculty | Schulich School of Engineering | University of Calgary

What Does First-Year Look Like?

It’s difficult to decide which discipline of engineering to pursue without first-hand experience. That is why the University of Calgary provides a common first year, also known as a foundational year!

When you first start engineering, you won’t have to worry about what classes to take. To prepare for what the future holds, you will study ten courses in design, mathematics, science, and engineering principles in your first year.

Read below for the course lists for your common first year!

Fall Course List (1st year)

Winter Course List (1st year)

They’ll make class blocks for you to make scheduling easier. Once you’ve chosen a block and enrolled in the required courses, you’ll be able to share classes with the same group of students throughout the year. It’s a means of assisting you in forming a study group and making friends from the start!

Students who finish all 10 technical common-core courses in their first year are guaranteed their first choice of programme. This means you don’t have to apply separately for the engineering discipline you wish to study; the decision is yours!

After a first year that introduces you to all of UofC’s engineering majors, you begin your second year in your programme of choice.

What Areas Can You Specialize in at University of Calgary Engineering?

After your common first year of Engineering, you can choose to branch off into any of these different engineering pathways! Click on the links below to read more about each stream!

With all these different engineering possibilities, you are destined to find a career that you love through this program, and experience an education that is suited to your interests! So, do you want to apply for the UofC Engineering program? Check out this website to discover how you can apply!

Newly renovated CNRL engineering complex opens on University of Calgary  main campus - The Gauntlet

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