UofT Financial Aid

The University of Toronto offers a range of financial aid programs to help students with the cost of attending university. These programs include need-based grants and loans, as well as merit-based admission scholarships. U of T also offers a number of work-study programs, which provide students with the opportunity to earn money while attending school. For more information on U of T financial aid programs, continue reading, and we’ll tell you all about them!

Financial-Need Based Assitance at UofT

U of T offers a variety of financial-need aids to help students with the cost of their education. U of T bursaries are need-based and are awarded based on financial need. The school’s financial aid office will assess your need based on your submitted documentation. If you are deemed to have financial needs, you will be eligible for a bursary. U of T’s bursaries is typically awarded in the form of a tuition credit, which is applied towards your tuition fees. U of T also offers a limited number of non-credit bursaries, which are awarded based on academic merit.

U of T Admission Awards

The U of T Entrance Awards recognizes the academic achievements of high school students who are entering undergraduate programs at the University of Toronto. These awards are based on academic excellence and eligible high school students (including international candidates) are usually automatically considered for a variety of entrance scholarships when they apply to U of T.

Admission awards and cut-offs vary by division, faculty and college. The majority of entrance awards are awarded automatically upon your admission; a separate application is not required for many of these merit-based admission awards! However, one of the most prestigious entrance scholarships at U of T does require additional steps; it is the U of T National Scholarship Program! The National Scholarship covers all study-related expenses for up to four years, including U of T tuition

For more information about all the U of T Entrance Awards, please visit the website of the Office of Admission and Financial Aid.

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