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We conducted over 7,000 consultations across North America last year to help students get into their dream college. On the call we’ll assess the applicant’s profile, their chances of acceptance, and see if GrantMe’s programs can support them in getting into their dream school.


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Frequently Asked Questions

GrantMe is an online education consulting company that helps students get into top colleges & build a pathway for their careers through its programs. GrantMe’s consulting programs allow students to find the right program for them, craft the best application, build a plan for their career & guarantee acceptance into a college. 

Founded in 2017, GrantMe has supported over 20,000+ students in navigating the college admissions process in its six years. 

Students in the 9th-12th grades, taking a gap year, or first-year university students looking to get accepted to top colleges in North America. All students studying in North America, including permanent residents, are eligible. On a case-by-case basis, we also support students who wish to study abroad.

The consultation will give the applicant an idea of where they can get admitted based on their resume, academics, and experience.

We will review the applicant’s experience and goals and create an action-based plan for your family to use for the best chances of admission.

If the applicant is a good fit for GrantMe, and they’re the type of student who we can get great results with, then we will also share what GrantMe’s program looks like & the tuition fee to join our programs.

No. The call is complimentary and it is designed to give the family a clear plan and an idea of the opportunities available to them. If we think your profile is a fit for our consulting programs and we think that we can help them achieve results, then we will let you know. If that’s the case, we will go over the tuition to get started. If we’re not a fit for you, we’ll be up front about that and let you know.

GrantMe is on a mission to enable all students to have a future full of options. As an education company, we believe the best way to create options for students is by enabling students to have a pathway to get into their top college and begin their college preparation journey with access to the best resources.

A huge problem faced by students on their college application journey is the frustrating hourly charges that most consultants have. The average consultant charges $500-2000/hr for a single consulting session.

We also know working with a consultant isn’t for everyone and want to make this support accessible to hard-working students through an initial free consultation so they can see if our approach works for them.

At GrantMe, we believe in an education consulting approach that is more hands-on and one that guarantees success, so we’re also held accountable for the delivery of our service. After six years, we’ve found the best way to see if we can support a family with their goals is through an initial free consultation to see if GrantMe is a great fit.

We request that parents are available for the consultation on Zoom with the student for the best experience & so we can learn insights from the parents about the students we will be working with! Parents should join Zoom and be active during the consultation. (We promise we don’t bite)

When families sign up to work with us, they will attend an Action Plan Session with their assigned Student Account Specialist (SAM), who will review parental involvement, student expectations, the program and support, as well as set goals with your family to work towards in each session after that. SAMs make sure that our students stay on track and progress according to the goals set out in their initial Action Plan.

They are also responsible for liaising with the family—sending meeting reports to parents, ensuring that all lines of communication are open, and resolving any issues that arise quickly. Applying to and attending university is a big family decision that we respect and treat with the utmost compassion, care, and attention.

Our Student Account Managers have expertise in specific areas, and students are assigned based on their goals and the support a SAM can provide them. We use the information we learn about our students on the consultation call to get a sense of their goals, interests, and personalities to match them to a SAM that is the best fit. If students and families have specific requests, we will do our best to accommodate them!

We have a number of systems in place to ensure that our students are on track and progressing toward their goals. Consistent one-to-one meetings with a Student Account Manager are the best way to stay on track, and our SAMs will always check in with students via email and at the end of each call, students will be booked in for their next one-to-one. Additionally, our online platform allows us to oversee a student’s progress as they work through submitting applications and essays, applying for scholarships, attending workshops and one-to-ones, and checking items off of their Tasks list. Parents have access to the Parent Portal to view this progress as well.

Yes. Students that qualify and work with GrantMe receive an Admissions Guarantee. This means that students are guaranteed acceptance into one of their top colleges if they follow GrantMe’s Admissions Guarantee criteria. During your consultation, your Educator will assess the applicant’s profile and let the family know if they qualify for GrantMe’s Admission Guarantee.

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