UVIC Engineering: Overview

Written by Nicole Lorraine Prieto and Matthew Tran

With over 40 engineering schools in Canada, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your post-secondary education. After all, your post-secondary education must set you up for success once you finish your degree. So, why not narrow down your choices and look at one of the top 10 engineering schools in Canada? With 36 years of honing their engineering programs, the University of Victoria Engineering may be the right choice for you!

Why Choose UVIC Engineering

#1 for International Research Collaborations in North America

The University of Victoria has claimed the top spot, nine times out of ten, for international collaborations for high-performing papers. In terms of scientific impact, Uvic is in the top 1% of universities worldwide. They have been dedicated to developing a new generation of problem-solvers and innovators that would address the issues our world is facing today. In UVIC Engineering, you will learn how to apply science in UVIC Engineering’s main research area on telecommunications, healthcare, sustainable development and more.

#2 in Canadian Comprehensive Universities (2022)

According to Maclean’s, UVIC has claimed the top Canadian comprehensive universities along with Simon Fraser University. UVic’s performance is among the top three performers in eight of Maclean’s 11 key performance indicators, such as funding data on research and student services. From entering the university for the first time until you conduct your research, the University of Victoria never runs out of financial support for its students to attain the best education they can!

#3 Extensive Learning Opportunities

Forget the hassle of applying for a co-operative education (co-op) program because UVIC Engineering automatically comes with a coop program! The university will be supporting you to have the training and guidance you need to excel in your field of study. If you want more than that, UVIC Engineering also has various student club options available where you can enter competitions and develop projects that would allow you to apply the lessons you learn from your courses.

You can also maximize your stay in the university because UVIC Engineering is the only engineering faculty in Western Canada that offers full courses each summer. Feel free to use this time to soak in more knowledge and advance faster towards your degree!

What’s up with UVIC Engineering

Are you convinced yet? Here are a few things you need to know about the UVIC Engineering program!

At the beginning of your journey, you will have a chance to take up various engineering courses. This will allow you to understand the different engineering specializations in your first year so that you have a better idea of what to focus on in your next years in university. Once your second year rolls around, you will be choosing the specialization of your choice. UVIC Engineering offers the following six specializations:

Biomedical Engineering

As the first biomedical engineering program in Western Canada, UVIC Engineering will train you to design technologies that would improve the health care and medical industry. Aside from learning about engineering, this specialization will also help you gain expertise in the medical and human biology fields.

Civil Engineering

Among other things, the Civil Engineering specialization focuses on sustainability, the environment and civic engagement. As the greenest civil engineering program in the country, this specialization aims to address the environmental challenges we face today and use engineering to create a greener tomorrow.

Computer Engineering

As the world relies more on our devices, UVIC Engineering wants future innovators to impact the future through Computer Engineering. In this specialization, students will study the interactions between software and hardware in computer systems, develop software design and learn how computer systems integrate with the larger world.

Electrical Engineering

Are you interested in harnessing electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism through various equipment, devices or systems? The Electrical Engineering specialization may be the perfect fit for you! Through this specialization, you can learn how to send, store and generate electricity. There are ten areas of focus to choose from in this program, so you will have a wide range of expertise once you graduate!

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering specialization provides you with a wide area of study to choose from! Take your pick from clean energy systems and renewable technologies to automotive, aerospace, marine and robotic systems—this specialization got you covered! You will learn UVIC’s manufacturing processes to produce advanced materials and micro-devices through this specialization.

Software Engineering

Home to the only accredited software engineering program in BC, UVIChone its students to develop self-driving vehicles, automate smart cities, advance healthcare, secure critical infrastructure and more! Through this specialization, you will learn the necessary skills to design, analyze and implement safe, secure, reliable and scalable large-scale software systems.

You can never go wrong with a top-performing university to pursue your engineering degree. Harness your applied science capabilities with UVIC Engineering!

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