UVIC Peter B. Gustavson BCom: Admission Requirements

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

The Peter B. Gustavson BCom programme is seeking students that are energetic and motivated. While strengthening their commercial acumen, UVic BCom students are keen to improve their global thinking, cooperate with others, and intentionally strive towards making a difference in the world.

Does this describe you? If so, continue reading to find out more about the UVic Peter B. Gustavson School of Business Admission Requirements!

Peter B. Gustavson BCom Application criteria

The UVic Peter B. Gustavson School of Business prepares leaders who think differently, act responsibly and drive positive change. Interested in joining? Read below to discover more about the application criteria for this program!

The Peter B. Gustavson BCom program has competitive entry and admits once per year (September). Here’s what the admission team will be judging you on:


Grades will account for 60% of your application score

  • Applicants from high school will have their grades based on their admission average on required Grade 12 courses Below are the required courses for admission: Grade 11 courses
    • Approved English 11
    • Pre‑calculus 11
    • Approved science 11
    • Approved social studies 11/12 Grade 12 courses
    • English Studies 12 or English First Peoples 12 (minimum 67%)
    • Pre‑calculus 12 (minimum 67%)
    • Two approved academic 12 coursesSee all approved courses here! NOTE: Students must have written provincial examinations in any subjects where it was mandatory in order to meet BC Graduate Program requirements.
  • Applicants from other post-secondary institutions will have their grades based on their admission average and other entry point requirements.
  • Applicants from other UVic faculties will have their grades base on the transfer entry points and requirements outlined in table below:
  • Lastly, applicants from a two-year Hospitality Management Diploma will have their grades judged based on these specific criteria

Recommended admission average

  • The recommended admission average from the university, for successful admission, is from 80-85% plus a stellar supplemental application!

Note that your admission average is calculated using all the required Grade 12 courses for entry to the program. The actual admission average cutoff and individual subject grade requirements change on an annual basis! Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission.

For a more competitive average over the applicant pool, we recommend you aim for a GPA in the low to mid-90s!

Peter B. Gustavson BCom Supplemental Application

  • Your supplemental application will account for the remaining 40% of your Peter B. Gustavson BCom application score!

A full breakdown of our BCom admission requirements can be found in the UVic Undergraduate Calendar!

Note: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the Peter B. Gustavson BCom program. If you have applied and received a conditional offer, it will be confirmed upon receipt of your final grades!

As part of the supplemental evaluation, you will need to prepare the following documents into one PDF file and upload it with the rest of your BCom application.

1. Current resume

You can refer to the UVic resume template for the resume components that the university wants you to elaborate on. You are encouraged to use this exact template for your own layout!

  • Keep your resume to a 2-page maximum; only your references should extend to a third page!
  • Also, please note that reference letters will not be considered in the admission process.

2. Personal statement: your background and motivation

Write about the three things that you want the admissions team to know about you, and how they will contribute to your success in university and the Peter B. Gustavson BCom program.

  • Make sure to provide specific examples about yourself; be personal and honest! Also, always tie your points back to the program values to convince the committee that you are a perfect fit for this program.
  • Ensure there is a minimum of 250 words for your paragraph format.

3. Impact statement: your personal road map

Gustavson BCom students create a real impact in local and global communities. Make sure to state what impact do you intend to create, and how the Peter B. Gustavson BCom program will help you achieve this!

  • Exhibit a strong connection to your community here, exemplify your passion!
  • Minimum 200 words in paragraph format.

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