Waterloo AIF Essay Examples

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

When it comes to admitting students to Waterloo University, they don’t only look at GPA! If you are applying to Waterloo, you will very certainly be required to complete the Admission Information Form (AIF). A successful AIF will ensure a successful admission into your desired program at Waterloo!

Want to know what might be on the Waterloo AIF? Continue reading to discover more about the Waterloo AIF essay questions and what to expect.

What is the Waterloo AIF?

It’s a brief online form that helps the admissions committee at the University of Waterloo learn further about you as a potential student. Other institutions may ask for personal statements or essays, but Waterloo prefers to use the AIF!

The AIF is required for admission to all programmes in the faculties of engineering and mathematics, as well as architecture, computing and financial management, conditional entry to optometry, and pharmacy programmes. It is not required for all other programmes, although it is strongly encouraged.

Waterloo AIF Essay Examples

The AIF is essentially a chance for you to show Waterloo a little bit more about yourself, your extracurricular interests, and your achievements!

Waterloo is primarily interested in learning why you might be a good match for the programme to which you are applying. As a result, you should establish connections in your application between the activities and practises you have accomplished in your life and the program’s goals.

For example, if you are applying to Finance, then talking about that work experience you had at your bank over the summer would be a great idea!

Some example essay questions that you could expect to answer on the Waterloo AIF include:

  • What classes or lessons did you take outside of your usual day school, and why?
  • Have you engaged in any extracurricular activities? What did you take away from it?
  • Have you participated in any of Waterloo’s math and science contests (if you’re applying to any math, engineering, science, or computer science programmes?)
  • Discuss your volunteer experiences and what you’ve learnt as a result!
  • Tell us about your dream career goals! How can Waterloo help you achieve these goals?

Read below for an example of what an essay answer could look like!

  • Why do you want to pursue your studies at Waterloo?

Studying medicine is a demanding task that only a few people are capable of completing. I believe that Waterloo can help me improve the necessary talents and abilities I have in order to become a successful student and future doctor. From a purely academic standpoint, I received the top marks in my high school. The most significant topics in medicine are chemistry and biology, and my grades in both areas are 99 percent and 97 percent, respectively. Every doctor’s attitude is influenced by their ability to communicate and lead. In my previous year, I was a class representative and project leader; with Waterloo’s opportunities for co-op, I think I can take my experiences and cultivate them into valuable work experience. Furthermore, I am extremely sympathetic and committed to assisting others. For example, I am involved in a number of public awareness programmes, raising awareness about the dangers of a variety of traditional medical practices. Pursuing studies at Waterloo will help me achieve my goals to continue my advocacy work in my medical career by giving me the tools and resources to do so.

Students that are well-prepared are always the most successful during the application process! We suggest that you prepare your AIF responses ahead of time so that you can double-check spelling, punctuation, and grammar before submitting them!

Compile a list of the most memorable moments you’ve had while volunteering, and write down some of the successes you’ve accomplished that pertain to your programme of interest. It will be a lot simpler to write your responses on the AIF if you have your thoughts organized beforehand!

How do you submit the AIF?

  1. Create an account in Quest, Waterloo’s online student information system.
  2. Once you have created a Quest account, you can log in and you will be directed to the AIF. Remember to complete the questions before the AIF deadline! Note: the AIF is not accessible on mobile devices. Also, make sure to click <submit> on each page when completing your form in Quest in order for your answers to save! Confused? Here are some helpful links!:
    1. Watch Waterloo’s videos about how to complete your AIF!
    2. Follow these Step-by-step screen shots on Waterloo’s Quest website to walk you through the process.

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