Waterloo Mechatronic Engineering Courses: Overview

Waterloo Mechatronic Engineering courses are some of the most comprehensive and well-rounded in the country. Waterloo’s engineering curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a variety of industries, including mechatronics. As a result, Waterloo courses are an excellent choice for students looking to enter this rapidly growing field. Waterloo Mechatronic Engineering courses cover a wide range of topics, including electronics, mechanical systems, programming, and control theory. In addition, Waterloo’s mechatronics courses are taught by experienced faculty who are passionate about their subject matter. As a result, Waterloo provides an outstanding education for students interested in this exciting field.

Waterloo Mechatronic Engineering Courses

September to December

January to April or May to August

Sample upper-year courses

MTE 262 – Introduction to Microprocessors and Digital Logic

MTE 220 – Sensors and Instrumentation

MTE 322 – Electromechanical Machine Design

MTE 544 – Autonomous Mobile Robots

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