Western Civil Engineering Courses: Overview

Western Civil Engineering Courses offers a variety of courses that helps students learn about the different aspects of civil engineering. The courses are divided into seven areas of focus: environmental engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, construction engineering and management. Each area of focus provides students with a specific skill set necessary for a civil engineering career. In addition to the core courses, Western Civil Engineering Courses also offers elective courses that allow students to explore other areas of interest. These courses help students gain a well-rounded education that prepares them for a successful career in civil engineering.

Western Civil Engineering Courses

Western civil engineering courses are designed to prepare students for careers in the civil engineering profession. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including structural analysis and design, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, water resources engineering, and environmental engineering.

Full-year courses: Engineering Science 1050, Business Administration 1299E.

Full-year half course: Engineering Science 1022A/B/Y.

Half-year courses: Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1411A/B, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1412A/B, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1414A/B, Chemistry 1302A/B, Engineering Science 1021A/B, Engineering Science 1036A/B, Physics 1401A/B and Physics 1402A/B.

Second Year Program

Numerical and Mathematical Methods 2270A/B, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 2277A/B, CEE 2202A/B, CEE 2217A/B, CEE 2219A/B, CEE 2220A/B, CEE 2221A/B, CEE 2224, Earth Sciences 2281A/B, Statistical Sciences 2141A/B*, Writing 2130F/G.

*Note: A student may, with the permission of the department counsellor, substitute Statistical Sciences 2143A/B for Statistical Sciences 2141A/B.

Note: CEE 3324A/B (Surveying). This course is available each summer (15 days) and must be completed before a student may graduate from the Civil Engineering program.

Third Year Program

CEE 3321A/B, CEE 3322A/B, CEE 3340A/B, CEE 3343A/B, CEE 3344A/B, CEE 3346A/B, CEE 3347A/B, CEE 3348A/B, CEE 3358A/B, CEE 3369A/B, 0.5 non-technical elective.

Fourth Year Program

CEE 4424A/B, CEE 4426A/B, CEE 4441, CEE 4478A/B, CEE 4491A/B, ELI 4110F/G or the former ES 4498F/G, three 0.5 technical electives, 1.0 non-technical elective.

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