What are Canadian Scholarships for Students?

In the course of your education, you might have heard the term “scholarship” and thought you knew what it was. Everyone knows scholarships are related to education, but how do they work? Some students think that scholarships are something like a lottery in which only a lucky few are able to win. However, this is false, and GrantMe is here to show students that scholarships are for more than just the top 1% of students. There is hope for students who want to fund their education through scholarships. Let’s check it out!

What are Canadian Scholarships for Students?

Think about scholarships as a sum of money given to a student based on their merit that doesn’t have to be repaid—ever! Sounds way better than a student loan, right? We think so too.

Scholarships are extremely beneficial in more ways than one. Students who have won scholarships have a lighter financial burden. They don’t need to rely on loans for nearly as much as other students might.

Additionally, students who win scholarships have more time to focus on school and do their best academically. For example, if you are a student who works part-time and attends classes during the day, your mind might not be as fresh for class because you had to work a stressful shift.

It’s tough to balance your education and your work life. Eventually, this will take a toll on you and may even show on your academic results. This is one of the cases where scholarships help a lot as they greatly reduce the financial burden for hardworking and determined students.

Another benefit of scholarships is that they are a great resume booster! Employers are thrilled when they see a record of past awards, like scholarships, on a new hire’s resume. Scholarships can help you prove that you are a go-getter and get a job right out of school.

GrantMe loves to see students succeed and go on to have fruitful careers. This all starts with scholarships! Check out GrantMe’s programs to help students find and win scholarships and request a scholarship assessment to get started. Now let’s take a look at scholarships for every type of student.

Scholarships for High School Students

What are Canadian scholarships for students in high school? We often think of a scholarship as something that is only available for college students, but in reality, there are some scholarships available for high school students in Canada. Below we have listed some of the best high school scholarships in Canada:

  • YFU-USA Key Club Scholarship: This scholarship is worth about $2,000 and is awarded to students who are interested in learning about other cultures. One of the main requirements for this scholarship is you need to be a part of a Key Club. This scholarship is only eligible for active members of their high school Key Club. If your school does not have a Key Club, it would be a great accomplishment to put on your resume if you started one!
  • Define Yourself Scholarship: This is one of the most unique scholarships on our list. This scholarship does not judge candidates based on academic achievements, but rather requires the candidates to write about themselves. If you have a unique, confident personality, this scholarship is for you!

Scholarships for College Students

What are Canadian scholarships for students who want to study in college? College scholarships are usually more competitive and require a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of the candidates. Most of the time, college scholarships are for candidates who have very good academic results and also have some unique experience or talent.

College scholarships are for the kind of candidate who can stand out from the rest. So, to apply for college scholarships, be sure to read the requirements and have plenty of creative material for your application.

College scholarships are a piece of cake with GrantMe. We provide tailored scholarship matches to help you find the best scholarships for you and even help you with your applications!

Here are some examples of college scholarships:

  • Mayor Andree Boucher Memorial Scholarship: This is one of the best scholarships available for college students. This scholarship is applicable to both college students looking to transfer and students at the undergraduate level.
  • Dear Adult World Scholarship: This scholarship is in the amount of $1,000. Students interested in social change and who have a talent for writing and creating art can submit their work. This scholarship is for the young changemakers out there!

Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Are you wondering what some Canadian scholarships are for students at the undergraduate level? There are a lot of undergraduate scholarships available to students. The hard part is knowing which one suits you best. Just like with Canadian college scholarships, candidates are expected to be unique and stand apart from others.

To find a selection of the best undergraduate scholarships for you, give GrantMe a try. We’ve got programs for all types of students and have helped thousands fund their post-secondary dreams. Not only do we find the perfect scholarship for you, but we also help you with the application process so that your chances of winning scholarships are even higher.

  • Computer Science Alumni Entrance Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students who are starting their first year of the Bachelor of Computer Science program. This scholarship is provided by the University of New Brunswick. The scholarship is awarded based on the academic success of the student. Financial need will also be taken into consideration.
  • Mayor Andree Boucher Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to two female Canadian students each year who are currently enrolled in any undergraduate program. Each of the two scholarships is for an amount of $4,500. All you need to do to apply is submit a cover letter and research paper.

Scholarships for Graduate Students

Have you completed your undergraduate program and are looking to do your post-graduate studies to become an expert in your field? Great! Grad school is expensive, but there’s plenty of financial aid available for you to finance the next step in your education. So, before you think of taking a loan for your education, let GrantMe help you find out what Canadian scholarships are for students looking to continue education after their undergraduate program.

Before you apply for a scholarship, it is important to know the application guidelines because you need to be sure you are eligible for the scholarship you are applying for. We don’t want your application for a scholarship to be rejected because of ineligibility.

Below are examples of some scholarships for graduate students:

  • Macdonald Graduate Fellowships: This scholarship is great for students who want to become experts in their field. The requirements for this scholarship are completing an undergraduate program.
  • NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships-Doctoral Program: The requirements for this scholarship are that you need to be a Canadian citizen, and you need to have a first-class academic average. The amount for this scholarship is $21,000.

Scholarships for Mature Students

Before we talk about scholarships for mature students, I believe it is important for us to know what a mature student is. A mature student someone who starts their education a few years after leaving school. Basically, you qualify as a mature student if you have a gap of more than one year between the start of your university or college years and when you finished high school.

Mature students are assessed differently for scholarship purposes as they might have job experience or life experience that other students may not have. So, what are Canadian scholarships for students who are mature? Check out some of the scholarships available for mature students below:

  • Alberta Award for the Study of Canadian Human Rights and Multiculturalism: This is one of the best scholarships out there for mature students. The requirements are you need to be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. The amount for this scholarship is $10,000.
  • Arts Graduate Scholarships: This scholarship is offered to encourage and support residents of Alberta who are studying music, drama, dance, or another performing art. This scholarship is for students who are looking to do their master’s degree in an arts field, and the scholarship will support any equivalent universities in the world. The amount for this scholarship is $15,000.

Can’t find the perfect scholarship for you on this list? No worries—GrantMe has you covered. We can help you find the perfect scholarships to meet your needs. Visit GrantMe and request a scholarship assessment on our website.

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