What are Canadian Scholarships?

Wondering what Canadian scholarships are? You have come to the right place! This article will take a brief look at exactly what are Canadian scholarships, who is eligible and how to apply.

What are Canadian Scholarships?

Canadian Scholarships are grants–money that you do not have to pay back–given to a student to help reduce the financial burden of post-secondary education cost. Scholarships help students pay for their education, whether it is needed for books, tuition, housing, or anything else you need for school. If you are curious and want to know if you are eligible for Canadian scholarships, then visit us here and fill out our scholarship assessment to find out!

GrantMe is a program that aims to educate and find you Canadian scholarships that you have the best chances of winning. We use our database to provide tailored scholarship matching and other support services to help you win top scholarships such as essay editing and resume building.

Top 10 Free Scholarships

One of the best things that can happen to a student is winning free money for their education. This is possible thanks to scholarships offered by companies and organizations across Canada. To help students out there looking for scholarships, we have come up with a list of some of the best scholarship opportunities in Canada.

Why are these the top 10 scholarships in Canada?

Our selections are the top 10 scholarships in Canada because they provide the highest scholarship amounts, and most of these scholarships are only eligible for candidates who have high academic standing and have an impressive background of previous success.

Winning one of these free scholarships can be difficult as there are many students who apply each year, and only a handful of students will be awarded the scholarship. But here at GrantMe, we do our best to help as many students as possible win scholarships. Our program helps you improve your chances of winning free scholarships. To take the first step, click here and request a free scholarship assessment. Our experts will assess your strengths and help you win scholarships!

What are Canadian Scholarships for Students?

Canadian scholarships are funds awarded to Canadian students for the purpose of paying for their education. Money awarded through scholarships does not need to be paid back like a student loan, so they are a lifesaver for students! Scholarships are usually merit-based, and every scholarship has different requirements to pay attention to.

For example, if you are applying for an undergraduate scholarship, chances are you’ll need to be registered in an undergraduate study program at a registered institution. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you may also need to have volunteer experience or a minimum GPA.

It’s time-consuming for students to research all of the requirements for every scholarship they want to apply to. To save time and get the best results, your best option is to get help from GrantMe’s scholarship experts. We know the ins and outs of Canadian scholarships and can match you with scholarships you’re eligible for.

Canadian scholarships are available for all types of students, whether you’re still in high school or you’re doing your graduate studies. You just need to know which scholarships are right for you and GrantMe is here to help you match them.

How to Apply for Scholarships

Applying for scholarships is the most important part of the scholarship process, but it’s also the most difficult. Students need to be choosy about how they portray themselves in their scholarship applications to get a leg up on the competition! The way you craft your scholarship application is the deciding factor for whether you win the scholarship or not.

The first step to crafting a winning scholarship application is to brainstorm the qualities and experiences you’ll need to highlight about yourself. How can you make yourself the best candidate to win the scholarship? You need to make your previous successes stand out and make the scholarship committee have faith that their money will be well invested.

Remember, there are hundreds of applicants for each scholarship, and 90% of them are identical to one other. To avoid sounding like the other 90%, be specific about your uniqueness to stand out. No one is exactly like you!

If you’ve ever had a scholarship application get rejected, don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of scholarships, and most are available year after year. Re-vamp your scholarship applications with GrantMe! Our programs are sure to guide you to scholarship success.

Canadian Scholarships by Province

While some Canadian scholarships are offered to all Canadians, many scholarships are specific to one province. This makes the competition slightly smaller and allows for more types of Canadian scholarships to be offered according to provincial need. A great place for you to start your scholarship search is by finding scholarships available in your province or in the province where you want to study.

Wondering how to find scholarships in your province?

First, choose the institution that you are interested in studying at. It’s no use finding scholarships in a province that you won’t end up going to. Then, you can search for scholarships on the provincial government’s website, on the website of your school, or even by searching for scholarships offered by companies in that province.

Next, you need to check the scholarship requirements for each of the awards you are interested in applying for. Then, craft your resume and essay to fit the goals of the scholarship.  

This process may sound a bit daunting at first, but GrantMe’s amazing scholarship programs are here to make winning scholarships easy. We can match you with the perfect scholarships and even guide you through the applications.

Why is GrantMe so helpful for students?

Canadian scholarships have been providing opportunities for students to fulfil their educational dreams for years! A scholarship can make all the difference when it comes to freeing students from debilitating loans.

Each year more than 10 million dollars in scholarships and grants go unclaimed. That is a huge amount! If that were shared among brilliant students, it would reduce the burden of student loans and allow them to focus on what’s important—being a great student.

Having scholarships and awards on your resume also gives you a boost in your early career. Finding entry-level jobs is tough, but with a proven history of success, you’ll be a great job candidate.

To help make the process of winning scholarships much easier, reach out to GrantMe and let us find the perfect scholarship for you. Not only does GrantMe help match the perfect scholarship, we even assist in editing your scholarship essays and building your resume. All of these factors increase your chances of winning scholarships and paving the way for future success.

How GrantMe finds the perfect scholarship for you?

We know that every student is different, so we like to take some time to get to know your strengths. First, we have you take a quick scholarship assessment. You can get started by visiting our website. To get to the assessment, click on “Request Scholarship Assessment”.

In this scholarship assessment, we ask you some basic questions to get an idea of what type of student you are and what you would like to study. The best part is, at the end, we can tell you the monetary amount of scholarships you are eligible for! After that, our scholarship experts will contact you via email or phone for an interview.

Hopefully this article answered your questions about what are Canadian scholarships and put you on track to winning some!

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