What GPA Do I Need To Get Into SFU?

SFU has consistently ranked as one of the top comprehensive universities in Canada! GPA is an important factor that the Simon Fraser University Admission team looks at when making their decision on whether or not to accept a student. GPA stands for Grade Point Average, and it is a way of averaging out all of the grades a student has received over their time in high school. Your average helps to demonstrate that you are a well-rounded individual with clear goals and a passion for learning. Do you have these qualities? Keep reading to find out the average GPA you’ll need to get into SFU!

Importance of GPA for SFU

Your GPA is an important factor in SFU’s admissions process. The university uses a 4.0 GPA scale, and applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for admission. However, meeting the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee admission to SFU. Admission is competitive! In addition to GPA, SFU also considers factors such as courses taken, grades earned, letters of recommendation, and personal statements when making admissions decisions. As a result, it is important for applicants to SFU to focus on achieving a high GPA in order to improve their chances of being admitted to the university!

What is the Average GPA of SFU Applicants?

SFU’s undergraduate programs require a minimum GPA for admission, and some programs may require a higher GPA. Specific requirements for each admission GPA are available on the SFU website. However, the average GPA of SFU applicants is around 3.5. This means that the average entering student has a B+ (87%) grade point average. It should be noted, however, that this is just the average GPA. To excel in the admissions process, we recommend that you strive for a GPA in the 90s. Having a higher than average entrance GPA will be important to proving your strong academic record and demonstrating your ability to succeed in university-level coursework.

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