What is an Elite Scholarship?

In Canada, more than $10 million in scholarships go unclaimed every year. There are a variety of scholarships available for all types of students, but if you are a student with exceptional academic achievement, then you should consider applying for elite scholarships. In this article, we will answer the question, “What is an elite scholarship?”, explain how to apply for one, and give you the inside scoop about our program, The Academy, offered for elite students.

What is an Elite Scholarship?

Before we start talking about elite scholarships, let’s back up and get a broad understanding of Canadian scholarships. Canadian scholarships are a financial aid granted to Canadian students to help pay for their education.

There are a few factors that decide which type of financial aid you qualify for, such as if you are a student who has high academic results. If this is the case, you can find plenty of scholarships that you will be eligible for. If you have high financial need, there are other financial aid programs, which focus more on the need of the student than their grades.

For example, many students with good grades will apply for scholarships and win them, although they may have been able to pay for their education even if they did not win the scholarships. This type of student will not qualify for bursaries as they are awarded based on the need of the student.

Now that we know the nature of scholarships, what is an elite scholarship? Elite scholarships, just as the name implies, are scholarships for elite students. You may be thinking, what makes a student elite? The main criteria that sets an elite student apart is how well they perform academically.  

If a student performs exceptionally well academically, they are considered elite students because they are performing at the highest level. There are specific Canadian scholarships available for elite students, and while they are incredibly competitive, they are also high-ticket. Elite scholarships are life-changing for students as it makes the path to success much easier.  

How to Apply for Elite Scholarships

The process of searching for an elite scholarship can be very daunting. There are not a lot of elite scholarships out there as they are especially for Canadians students who have outstanding academic success.

Now that we know what an elite scholarship is, it’s time to learn how to apply for one. Some of the key steps required when applying to elite scholarships are explained below:

  • Highlight your Background: There are specific scholarships offered for students depending on their background. Search for scholarships using keywords that describe you. For example, if you are from a military family try searching for a scholarship with the keyword “elite scholarships for military”.

    To get help finding the perfect Canadian scholarships based on your background, sign up for one of our amazing programs.
  • Showcase Extracurricular Activities: There are elite scholarships offered to students based on their extracurricular activities. For example, there are scholarships offered to students who excel at a sport or are a talented actor. If you are a student with some serious skills on the side, then search for Canadian scholarships that are offered to students with your skillset.
  • Academic Merit: Most elite scholarships are offered to students who have excellent academic merits. It is much easier for you to get an elite scholarship if your academic results stand out from the rest. The amount awarded for a scholarship often depends on your academic results. The higher your academic result, the higher the amount you will win for a scholarship.
  • Talk to your teacher or counselor: It is great to seek out knowledge and advice from your teachers—you might even ask them if your school offers any elite scholarships. Perhaps they can provide insight about elite Canadian scholarships that students from your school have won in the past.
  • Check the Requirements: It is important to know the requirements for the scholarships you are applying for. As you are preparing for a scholarship application, you’ll need to go through all of the application guidelines on how to apply for that scholarship and complete each one. Since the process requires lots of time and effort on your part, checking the eligibility requirements first will prevent you from applying for something you aren’t eligible for.
  • Mind your Deadline: It is important for you to know and work with the scholarship deadline in mind. Create a plan that allows you to complete all the necessary steps for the scholarship application before the deadline so that you are able to submit the documents in advance. This gives you a buffer if anything takes longer than planned. Remember you need to apply for a scholarship before the deadline as any application submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Find all of your Certificates: When the time comes, gather all of the documents and certificates you have been asked to provide in the scholarship application beforehand. You’ll want all of your documents and certificates in order so that you can concentrate fully on submitting the application for the scholarship.
  • Polish your Resume: Most elite scholarships will ask for a student resume. A student’s resume is different from a resume of a professional one. A resume for a student should highlight your key experiences, your educational achievements, any special skills you have and the type of activities you like to do.
  • Craft a killer Essay: One of the key factors of making your scholarship application stand out from the rest is the scholarship essay. The essay you will be writing should let the scholarship committee know that you stand out from the rest.

    It is important that you know what qualities the committee will be looking for. Scholarships are founded for a purpose, with a vision of advancing education in a certain way. Try to weave that vision and purpose into your essay so that you can show the committee how you will make it come true.

    The essay should focus on your strengths and skills, and give the scholarship committee an idea about you so that they understand the type of person and student you are.

    The essay is a very big part of any scholarship application and it is much more important for elite scholarships. This is a big task that makes, or breaks, your application. To give yourself the best chances, enroll in one of GrantMe’s programs. We not only find the scholarships you need; we also help you apply for them.

The Academy

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