What You Need to Know Before Applying to McGill University

Ranked among the top 3 universities in Canada, McGill University is a dream school for many! McGill’s medicine and law programs give it a strong reputation among academics. Here are a few things to know before you start the McGill admissions process!

The McGill Campus

The McGill campus is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Québec. You’ll be surrounded by shops, restaurants, galleries, music, and more! With plenty of French speakers around you, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to learn another language or brush up on your skills too! 

If you’re into history, you’ll find lots to explore at McGill. Established in 1821, It’s one of the oldest universities in Canada. As a student, you can also check out other historical sites around the city, like Old Montreal and the beautiful Basilique Notre-Dame! 

The McGill campus is large with approximately 40,493 students. Students love the opportunities to get involved on campus through clubs and extracurriculars. There are also resources on campus like gyms, health centres, and study spaces. 

Getting into McGill

The McGill admissions process is similar to many universities in Canada. 

Once you’ve checked the admissions requirements for your program, you’ll need to submit a general application. This consists of some basic information about yourself and which programs you want to apply to. You will eventually also need to upload your transcripts to verify your grades. 

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The acceptance rate is a bit lower than average at 46.3%. This means that about two or three out of five students who apply get accepted. 

For some programs, the McGill admissions process also includes a supplementary application. Most of the questions on this extra application are open-ended and focus on getting a sense of who you are and how you would contribute to McGill. This gives you a chance to highlight your volunteer experience and other non-academic achievements that would make you an excellent future McGill student. 

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Paying for McGill

The McGill admissions process is just one step. Next, you’ll want to look at McGill tuition fees and scholarships! The average tuition at McGill is around mid-range, at $7,402 per year. 

What’s even better is that McGill offers many scholarships to help offset this cost! Many of the awards are based on academics, so if you have strong grades you’re in luck! Other awards recognize excellence in areas like community involvement or athletic achievement. Bursaries given for financial need may also be an option. 

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Is McGill Right for You?

Knowing about the campus, McGill admissions, and tuition costs will help you to determine whether McGill University should be on your list of schools to apply to. 

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