What You Need to Know Before Applying to the University of British Columbia

If you’re looking to attend university in Canada, you’ve likely come across the University of British Columbia! Ranked as the #3 university in Canada, it’s on the top of many students’ dream schools list! Here are a few things you need to know about UBC before submitting your application.

The UBC Campus

Known for its prime location, the University of British Columbia has beautiful campuses in Vancouver and the Okanagan. The campus is one of the bigger ones in Canada, with over 61,000 students in attendance! Some of the major features it’s known for are mountains and beaches. There is also an abundance of clubs and campus groups for students to engage in—from surfing to pottery!

Getting into UBC

The University of British Columbia’s acceptance rate is fairly average for most universities in Canada at 52.4%. This means about half of the students that apply are accepted. 

However, UBC is unique in that it takes more than just good grades to get in.  In addition to submitting your transcript, you need to complete a personal profile. This is an application with a series of short essays for you to complete. The essay prompts are open-ended questions designed to get a sense of who you are beyond your academics. For example, one of the prompts is: “what is important to you?” 

Although this may seem intimidating, the personal profile allows you to highlight your leadership experiences and strongly demonstrate why UBC is a great fit for you. 

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Paying for UBC

Although known for their high-quality education, UBC’s average tuition is luckily on the low side with an average of $5,646 per year!

The University of British Columbia also offers scholarships to help reduce this cost. Most of their scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement. However, they also have merit awards for community involvement or athletic achievement. Bursaries are also another option for students with unmet financial need. We made a free guide on how you can win major entrance awards to UBC. Check it out here!

If you have strong academics and involvement in your community, you might even be a contender for the $80,000 UBC Presidential Scholar’s Major Entrance Award! To learn more about what it takes to win UBC scholarships, read Paige’s blog post on how she won this award!


Is UBC Right for You?

Knowing about the campus, acceptance rate, and tuition costs will help you to determine whether the University of British Columbia should be on your list of schools to apply to. 

However, sometimes the best way to determine if a university is right for you is to talk to current students. To learn more about what it takes to get into UBC, read some of our student-authored blogs! Learn how Amisha won $40,000 to pursue dentistry and Ripdaman won $75,000 to pursue engineering. 

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