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If you’ve applied to SFU, chances are your next question is “When does SFU send acceptances?”. Well, the answer to this question depends on multiple factors. For an in-depth guide on when SFU sends acceptances, check out our latest Youtube video!

Which semester will SFU send acceptances for?

Your acceptance is firstly based off of which semester you applied to. SFU accepts applications for all 3 semesters. Because of this, the dates in which you’ll most likely receive your acceptance will vary.

  • Spring term (January): Admission offers are made from September to November.
  • Summer term (May): Admission offers are made from October to April.
  • Fall term (September): Admission offers are made from January to June.

Since Fall is the most popular choice for admissions, their acceptance offers are made between January and June – that’s 6 months! However, you likely won’t have to wait that 6 months. Individuals who’ve applied to SFU can get their acceptances as early as 1-2 weeks! It mostly depends on your qualifications for applying, such as completing the English Language and Analytical skills requirements, as well as matching program requirements! If you’re curious about those, take a look at our first blog post!

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After you’ve applied

After you’ve applied, you can expect an email from SFU outlining your confirmation. They’ll also include your SIS details. SIS stands for SFU’s Student Information System, and it is the student portal that will include all your admission and application details such as: application status, documents that need to be sent, and a to-do list.

Remember: SFU won’t accept your full application until you’ve sent all your documents (e.g. high school transcripts) so keep an eye on your SIS!

If you need support with sending your documents, or an item on your to-do list, contact SFU at https://www.sfu.ca/students/advising-resources/help.html, 778-782-6930, or [email protected].

SFU Acceptance

Once you’ve been accepted, an offer letter will be sent to your email. Acceptance offers are only valid for the term that is stated on the letter, so be sure about your start term decision as SFU reserves the right to rescind the offer. Most programs at SFU have 21 days deadline of acceptance after your offer letter is sent. This depends on the program, so if you’re unsure, your letter will include the number of days you have to respond to your offer! In accepting this offer, you must also pay the admissions fee. This fee will secure your spot at SFU in your chosen program, and you’ll be well on your way to being an incoming SFU student, congrats!

How To Secure Your Future At SFU

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